Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Kingdom of Thailand...

Friends, family, and curious acquaintances/strangers:


For those of you who know me, this could be considered miraculous- in fact it should be. I have a tenacious lack of directional awareness. I am living testimony that airport customer service is in fact adequate and that there are still nice people in this world willing to offer navigating advice.

How I have missed this blog. I spent the semester in China and its firewall blocked access here. Now I am in Chiang Mai alone and with a lot on my mind.

It's 90 degrees F here. I walked around this morning to see what the area is like. I found the location of the class I'll be going to tomorrow (I'm here for TEFL certification for those of you who don't know), and a few other interesting places.

Obviously, Chiang Mai isn't like America, or China, or Hong Kong, or any other place I've been to. It has its own style. I like the script of its language, but I've noticed there's a lot less English here, which is unfortunate because I can't read a word of Thai.

I came across this weird touristy area and a Honda dealership. The place I'm in is actually more developed than I originally thought. I happened upon a 7 Eleven where I bought a huge jug of water and some Dewberry cookies- they were recommended by a friend and I approve of the taste although a little let down by their diminutive size.

The touristy area had a bunch of random tiny colorful buildings very close to each other advertising clothing, cafes, coffee shops, ice cream, food, or anything else tourists like. I wanted to find some sort of grocery store to stock up on breakfast but was unsuccessful. The tiny buildings had themes, the whole area was apparently supposed to be some "global experience;" there were areas designed like Paris, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and many others. I thought it was weird.

Along with the Dewbs, I bought a bun stuffed with pork for lunch. I'm still debating whether or not I'll eat it though, the expiration date is April 4th, 2056. I didn't notice until after I bought it. I suppose that would explain why it was so cheap.

Anyway, there's a short update. I will keep you all posted.

Until then,

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