Friday, December 30, 2011

The Plan

It is necessary to have a clear life vision to strive toward throughout life. In other should dream and dream vividly.

1. My future ambition is to be a writer/journalist. My goal is to publish a successful book/novel.

2. I want to live in my own apartment in China for several years teaching English and getting my master's degree online in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

3. I am open to the idea of marriage, but not dependent on it. I can pursue my life goals without a significant other.

4. I want to spend good chunks of time in rural areas of China, studying the people's way of life and looking for ways to improve their standard of living, as well as share the gospel with them. Possibly getting involved with a non-profit organization or NGO.

5. Also, I want to become (almost) fluent in Chinese...if that's even possible.

6. I will be active as an older adult. Committed to daily exercise, whatever that might entail. I will never be overweight.
- Side note: I want to break 18 minutes in a 5k during my collegiate career.
- AND run a marathon

7. I will remain classy, but will not spend undue amounts of money on stylish clothing. I intend to make the things I wear or buy them at second-hand stores. Essentially, acquire a style of my own.

8. I never want to live in a big house. I will spend my money on traveling (that is, if I make enough money to do so).

9. I don't know if I'll ever have/want children of my own. Regardless, I want to empower and significantly help children in whatever way I can (support a child, foster, etc.).

10. No matter how old I am, I never want to stop learning and being open to new ideas and concepts.

11. If I ever return to the States after China, I will never live in a suburban area. I would love to live in Chicago or the city of Grand Rapids. Someday I intend to go to New York. Possibly even live there.

12. I want to make multi-ethnic friends.

13. I would love to get my doctorate (even if it takes an extended period of time) and teach at a university.

14. I intend to develop my art in photography, drawing, and possibly painting.

15. I will read as much as possible.

16. Perhaps most importantly of all, I want to know and love God more. That sounds cheesy and trite, but I sincerely mean it. This, above all else, is my life ambition.

17. I also intend to be very involved in my church. Too often I complain about the shortcomings of the church, but I am the church, so I want to be a working force to foster improvement in whatever ways possible (i.e. reaching out to the immediate community in the name of Christ).

18. In addition, I will be adventurous no matter what. Even if it scares me half to will expand my comfort zone. I want to have an enormous comfort zone.

19. My goal is to ALWAYS speak my mind. This perhaps is my greatest shortcoming. I will do so with delicacy and grace. No matter what, I must find the courage to be honest.

I'm sure I will add to this list as time goes on...

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