Sunday, February 9, 2014

Three Things: Recent Fixations

O N E : A perfectly practical product. I have been in the market for looseleaf tea strainers and look what I came across! A travel looseleaf tea mug! I'm in love with it. It's perfect. 

T W O : An inspirational quote of the week. Like a lot of young people, I doubt myself and have a hard time making life-long, permanent decisions. I sincerely worry about things I'll laugh about ten years from now. There are opportunities coming up (along with imminent graduation) and I don't want to be afraid to chase them with all I'm worth. If there's one thing good about being young, it's that I'm not yet too practical to go after the long shot. 

T H R E E : A change. I want a tattoo like this one except on my right wrist. I need to wait at least a year though (okay, maybe six months), because I often change my mind. Excuse the crotch shot. Also, I really like this denim on denim. 



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