Thursday, March 13, 2014

Adventures with Cooking

It's spring break! Instead of retreating into the sunshine and warm weather of the southern hemisphere, I'm in subfreezing-degree Michigan experimenting in my mother's kitchen. I pin so many recipes on Pinterest, now I'm finally getting around to trying a few:

Thursday: Black Bean Burger with Salsa Fresca 
& Avocado Crema

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I'll be honest, it took me an hour and a half to make. Still, I had fun! I made the burgers, the avocado spread, and the salsa. I absolutely loved the taste of everything, even if the rest of the family wasn't totally sold. ;)

Friday: Pizza

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This is the picture from the website. I bought all the ingredients for this recipe and then realized Walmart doesn't carry eggplant, which was supposed to substitute the bread crust. So...I just copped out and bought a pizza crust...pre-made. Where does one buy eggplant?

Saturday: Pad Thai

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Since coming home from Thailand, I can't get enough Thai food. I am so pumped to make this, it's one of my absolute favorites. I found all the ingredients in the Asian section at Walmart.

Dessert: Chocolate Pudding 

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With the extra avocados from the black bean burger meal, I'm hoping to try this pudding recipe. It looks so good...and easy to make. :)

And that's it! Maybe I'll post pictures of the final products of these recipes, unless they're Pintrocities, then maybe not.


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