Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Creative Outlet

My dad is a carpenter. During the school year he teaches shop at our local high school and in the summers he helps folks remodel or add wood finish to their homes. He also creates things out of wood as a hobby. There's all kinds of beautifully crafted wood pieces laying around our home. My family and I have definitely taken them for granted...because...they're everywhere! My dad loves making things, and over the years they have started to pile up. Here are just a few examples of his work:

Candle holders of every size, shape and wood

Homemade wooden pens!

Beautifully designed coasters 

Plates of every size and shade

Boxes, cups, and bowls. I especially like the bowls he makes with the natural edge.
He makes boxes like the ones above too; square circle, name it. 

Pot holders, cutting boards, and napkins holders too!
They're beautiful, right? This is less than half of what is scattered around our house. He's also made Christmas ornaments, doll furniture, real furniture, collapsable chairs...I can't even keep track. He needs an outlet! I told my dad I was writing in my blog about his work, and he asked half jokingly, "Did you mention everything is for sale?" He is an artist and he greatly desires to share his creation with others.

Give me your opinion! Do you think my dad has a market here? Do you have any tips or recommendations? Would you buy his stuff or give it away as a gift? Do you think other people would want his handmade things? Share your thoughts!


  1. they're lovely. I don't know much about selling but I think you can open up an ebay store or online store. people love handmade things.

    hope you have a sweet day.

  2. Check out Etsy. It is a website made for home made good and crafts and things of the sort. It draws a big crowd of people who would appreciate such items.

  3. I love that natural edge bowl too! And the striped wood! I think those things definitely have a market these days.

    One option could be Etsy if he wanted to try selling his creations. You could check what similar items are selling there & for what price, just type in 'handturned' into the searchbar for example.

    1. The site looks perfect. I've known about etsy, but I didn't think of selling my dad's work on there! Ha. We'll see if I can talk him into it.

  4. D-My dad also has this hobby! He never cared much about selling but we've tried to encourage it. He once tried sitting by the side of the road (like a lemonade stand). Bad idea. I believe he also tried a craft fair or two. He didn't really push it and he doesn't have an inkling of sales experience. Honestly, we just give them as gifts. He's too old fashioned to pursue an internet buisness but that's really where it's at nowadays.
    Your dad's work is awesome, though! I hope he figures something out. :)

  5. Thanks Liz! Yeah, I still have that bowl your dad made from your wedding! I talked to my dad about possibly creating an etsy shop. He was open to the idea so we'll see what happens! Miss you!

  6. I have an official Dracht cutting board and it's fantastic!

  7. Haha well I'm glad you like it. :)

  8. Hey D! I think he could definitely sell this stuff! I love it, I would buy it! I was just up in Traverse City at the Cherry Festival and there were booths of people selling this stuff. There's also a couple of modern art gallery's that have this type of stuff on consignment. You should check it out. easy might be a good idea too. I don't think ebay or craiglist would be a good venue for it. You wouldn't get the right kind of exposure.