Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Meet Nate

Thoughtful and

These are words that describe him best. He was one of my biggest role models growing up, and has always been a good friend throughout my life: meet my big brother, Nate.
Ladies...he's twenty-two and single. ;) 

Nate and I get along quite well. In high school we had the same circle of friends, and now we still keep in touch, even though we're both in college.

The fact that both of these pictures have the number 22 was possibly not an accident.

He took me to a classy restaurant on a lakefront for my birthday! We both had delicious grilled salmon (quite costly too!), he said not to worry about the price, it was his special treat. Isn't that sweet??

The restaurant was on the east side of Grand Rapids, Michigan. It's a little place called Rose's.

I told him he would have to take me back sometime. The food and service were great!

After our meal, he asked me what I would like to do. I told him I wanted to go into downtown Grand Rapids and walk around. Grand Rapids is one of my favorite places to visit.

On the way, we came across an adorable little antique shop located right under the owner's house! I wanted to go in, but they were closed. I had to take a picture anyway.

When we arrived downtown, we stumbled upon several hipster-ish shops and studios selling anything from modern art, antique knick-knacks, or furniture created out of street signs.

Unfortunately, almost everything was closed. Nate knows I love books and he wanted to show me around the huge library that looks like a European castle, but I guess even libraries aren't open on Saturday nights.

Nate is an artist. He's studying to be an art teacher, only one more semester to go! He wanted to see the mural that took second place for Art Prize (an art competition that happens every year in downtown GR).

< Her hair is made out of shards of glass!

The mural was so big, I couldn't capture the whole thing. It's located in front of the Devos Children's Museum. I liked that children's artwork was included in the mosaic. A special touch.

What a special night. I definitely don't take this guy for granted. He's great.

I still have several memories as a little kid playing Legos and drawing pictures with him. We were best buds back in the day!

In all seriousness, I'm truly thankful for my brother and the difference he's made in my life.


Little sisters look up to you guys, whether they can admit it or not.


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