Saturday, November 9, 2013


I love small spaces and old places! 

On one of my running routes, I routinely passed by a mysterious rustic tiny house. Naturally, it roused my curiosity and I always made a mental note to come back for pictures. Finally, this past weekend, I had the opportunity.

After getting a closer look, I discovered there wasn't just one tiny house, but three!! I was thankful to spend the afternoon with a friend and capture some quality photos in the process.

Someday, I will build my own tiny house...


I love the Tiny House movement! 

I have dedicated a whole Pinterest board to it: 

And I also get a newsletter from this site: 

Share in the love. Even space is more accommodating in moderation! 



  1. Beautiful place! Looks like wonderland ;)
    Got you from HerCampus group! :)

    1. It was beautiful, especially as the leaves were falling everywhere. :) Thanks for checking out the blog, Areeba!