Thursday, April 5, 2012


Courage is the voice within that whispers: I will pick myself up and try again tomorrow.

I can't take full credit for that quote, pretty sure I read it on Pinterest. However, that's about where I am at with running. The race was brutal. I've come to the conclusion that situations like this one are completely out of my control. I've run much faster, so I know I am capable. I've put in the time, I've trained hard when it mattered and recovered when necessary. I raced smart, I didn't go out too fast. I've been eating right and drinking enough water, and I invested my heart in the race, not just my head. So the reasons for why I didn't run to my potential today were out of my control. Sometimes we have to face consequences we aren't responsible for, but that isn't an excuse to live in fear or despair. Maybe I will never run fast again, but maybe I will. Maybe someday I'll be running faster than I ever thought possible. Either way, I will continue to run. Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow I will try again.

Courage is accepting your circumstances and looking beyond them. It's choosing to try when you are afraid of failing. Courage is accepting failure, not just once, but multiple times, and trying again anyway.

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