Saturday, April 14, 2012


Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is. - Vince Lombardi

Again, I'll use a sports analogy. On the track today I know in my heart I could've gone faster, but I was afraid. I knew I could beat those girls in the last two hundred meters, but did I? I think so, but it was so close.

I'm beginning to realize there are two different kinds of people inside of me. There is the weak person who tells me I'm tired, slow, inadequate and incompetent. She sneaks her way into my thoughts, convincing me I'm not good enough to do my best. However, there's also another person. She is a person burning with passion and determination. When she steps up to the line, she is ready to compete, even when it hurts. She fights, she's smart, she's exploding with energy (She comes around more often when I get enough sleep). On the track, I have to decided which person I am going to be, regardless of how I feel. It's called mental toughness.

In real life, even if you can't achieve all the great dreams and desires you feel called to, if you push toward them with every intention of accomplishing them, if you give everything you have with all the means that you have, then it doesn't matter. You were the strong person who pushed through your fears, not the weak person who held back for fear of failing. At the end of your life, you can realize you gave everything you could, and that is enough. We are capable of giving a lot more than we realize, but it is terrifying. We're terrified of burning out; of failing. We're scared that all the time and hard work that got us to this point won't be enough, that in the end we'll fall short.

The greatest leap in human achievement is daring to pass your mental limitations. It is only when you go farther than you think you can that you realize how far you can actually go. Challenge yourself! If you doubt you can finish a "race," run faster! Desire to win, no matter what.

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