Friday, October 12, 2012

Letters From Your Host (4)

I am attempting to do what C.S. Lewis did in "The Screwtape Letters", only I am going in the reverse, characterizing angels, not demons.

Our Dearest Company,

We have not heard from you in a while. We trust you are doing well. 

We are under the impression you are frustrated with your life. Particularly, you are frustrated with God. Is this your way of punishing Him? Do you distance yourself out of frustration, grief, or whatever this reason is that you have not been in communication? 

Or rather, are you frustrated by yourself, because you know you are doing something wrong, and you don't want to face Him with it? What is the reason for your silence? Are you too busy? Are you apathetic? Do you even realize the two of you have not spoken for a great length of time? 

You pray, yes, but your mouth is like a religious puppet, being opened and closed by the strings of tradition, those strings are not attached to your heart and therefore your prayers seem empty. 

Perhaps you have forgotten the kind of relationship the two of you share. How easy it is for you to forget. You are terribly forgetful. He is not just a polite acquaintance you tend to speak friendly hellos to from time to time. This is not just a nice relationship with a good friend. 

You are in love with God. 

Must we remind you? God is not human. He is not like you. He does not think like you, understand the world the same way you do, or submit to anyone or anything besides Himself. For a lack of better words, God is wild and dangerous. He is not domesticated in the way you would like to believe He is, he does not fit into any one idea, He is infinitely beyond the god you understand. 

Imagine the shiny golden star sticker your teacher put on your math test in third grade. This is your understanding of God. Now think of the sun, 92,960,000 miles away, 9900 °F on the surface, 27 million °F at the core. This is God. Hold them up side by side in your mind: the sticker and the sun. 

Are you beginning to understand now? Do not fool yourself. You will understand Him best by recognizing you do not understand Him. Yet, the fact still stands: the two of you are in love. 

Remember your golden sticker understanding: you imagine God to be incredible, magnificent, awe-inspiring (even when you are frustrated with Him). Now, take everything you know about Him, and multiply it 27 million times. Does this not excite you? Does this not steal your breath away? 

There is so much more than you could possibly imagine about who this Deity really is. We are frustrated by your inept language and its lack of ability to communicate this truth to you. Yet, what a privilege it is for you to have an eternity to find out more.  

Eternity began the day you fell in love with Him. So, our dearly beloved, talk with Him; share everything, and above all, listen. He will begin to reveal Himself to you, one degree at a time. Of this you can be sure. 

Affectionately yours, 
Your Host


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