Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Saturday Evening Update

From my desk to yours: The Saturday Evening Update. 
Dear Readers:

1. I don't know what to write about today.

2. I know what I will write soon, I just don't want to start yet.

3. I miss taking pictures and posting them on my blog.

4. I added another essay to the "my work" tab.

5. It's been raining all day and I have consumed a lot of green tea (I tell you this not only because it is true, but also because it makes me sound sweet. Obviously, sophisticated people drink green tea on rainy days).


Color right out of the box! 

7. I hope you are enjoying my blog and the short stories I have written recently.

8. I'm going to post pictures of friends and the beautiful leaves soon, before they all fall off their branches (the leaves, not my friends).

9. That's all I got.



  1. Love the new hair color! *Color right out of the box* haha your so cute <3

  2. I just became a reader and I am loving your blog. :3

  3. Isn't it so much fun to dye your hair?! I started around this time last year and it's so addictive. haha. It looks lovely!!! (sorry for being MIA with being up-to-date with your blog! :/ )

    1. Yes, I do really like it. :) I can see how it might be addicting. And I understand, this time of year is busy for all of us. Mid terms are coming to campus! Eh. I hope you're doing well.