Monday, October 29, 2012

What's a Person to Do...?

Life is not about the future. So why am I so caught up in what I will do someday?

Sometimes I envy the freedom of children. Children don't worry about their past or what is going to happen in their future.

I have compiled a list of things to help me organize my thoughts and live intentionally.


1. Creativity is a lifestyle (not to be choked out by other, less valuable styles of living). 

2. Live in the moment. This is your only reality. Yesterday does not exist. Tomorrow has never been. The moment you had ten minutes ago is gone forever. All you have is now.

If you must, devote 1 hour of your day to worry about your future and leave the other 23 hours free of any thoughts of tomorrow. 
3. Accumulate experiences, not things. 

4. Do not hold onto dreams and desires too tightly, yet still have faith in their possibility. 

5. Appreciate things you don't do (i.e., not spending money out of compulsion).

6. Give. Even when it hurts. 

7. Accept that growth comes from doing what is most difficult, not what is most desired.

8. Do not pursue happiness.

9. Pursue joy, which is not based on circumstances and comes from within. 

10. Look for things in life that would make a good story. 

11. Acquire a different perspective.

12. Think critically, never just accept the information provided for you. 

13. Never forget the power one person can have. 

14. Compliment others.

15. Do not worry about looking stupid (you know you're not stupid and that's what matters).

16. Make decisions. People are thankful for decisiveness. 

17. Don't waste thoughts. 

18. Drink tea.

19. Don't be ashamed of what you enjoy (i.e., classical music and reading books). 

20. Pray as often as possible. 

21. Take time to listen. 

22. Be slow to speak...

23. Find humor in people's rudeness. 

24. Mistakes do not define you, they refine you.  

25. Keep your notebook updated with the stupid and insightful thoughts that hit you throughout the day. 

26. Don't worry about rejection, embrace it.

27. Never be lazy. 

28. Being bored reflects on the type of person you are. Don't be a boring person and you won't get bored. 

29. Love people without expectation. 

30. Write.

     much as possible 
31. Travel.  

32. Come up with better things to live by. 


That's all for now. 


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