Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Cosmic Domino Effect

There has always been struggle with good and evil in this world. Amidst the evil we must find hope. There is hope among the ashes, among the scars of abuse and mistreatment. The world can be a hostile place, full of twisted minds and wounded souls. A cosmic domino effect reverting nearly to the beginning of time is slowly wiping us out. Day by day it eradicates the most vulnerable and blinds the more powerful with apathy and ignorance. What must be done to save this aching world? What can be done? Are we to watch as they suffer, knowing very well that our life could be theirs, were we born into different circumstances? Should we lift our hands and praise God that we are given so many bountiful blessings, all the while knowing that somewhere out of sight, rejected of value, lies a child dying from starvation?

We all have problems, yes, but what do our problems consist of? What if we made the world's problems our problems? Would that shift our focus a little? Would we find it easier to cope with what we are missing out on in this life when we see the need around us? The need to eat and drink? The need to survive?

Whenever you begin to feel sorry for yourself, make a difference for somebody else. No matter how miserable you feel, using your life to benefit somebody else's could change everything.

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