Friday, February 3, 2012

Our Window of Time

Remember. Close your eyes and picture sitting in your favorite place. Lean back and recollect listening to the most soothing music your ears have ever heard. Think of the last time you tasted your favorite food. Recall the feeling of water being poured over your skin. These are memories. Now visualize. Picture yourself in the future, experiencing all these memories of your past. In your mind the past and the future are not so different. You have the ability to both recall the past, and imagine the future. Although you are a creature constricted by time, you can go behind or ahead of the split second you are caught in by reconstructing the past as you remember and the future you envision. You have a clear sense of time in the way that it moves. You can recall things that happened moments ago as if they were still presently happening. You can usually predict things that will happen in the next few moments, as clearly as if they were happening at that moment. Yet, as the past moves further into the past, and the future further into the future, the less understanding you have of time. All things blur together outside the window of time perceived in your mind. 

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