Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thoughts about Thinking

Today something profound (if not obvious) hit me. I thought I should share. I like to use metaphors to get my ideas across. So...

Imagine you are in a dark auditorium. You have only a small, dim flashlight that allows you to see only a little portion of the concert hall. That flashlight is our human knowledge. The dark auditorium is is the world. Slowly, over time, our little flashlight has become steadily brighter. Our knowledge enlightens us to things that we previously never knew existed. It is an obvious fact that over the course of human history, people have not become smarter, they have become more knowledgable. Today we know about things that never existed to us five years ago. With more and more knowledge being discovered, researched, and proven, humanity is tapping into another world that is somewhat irrelevant to our physical lives. With our physical needs of food and shelter satisfied, we now have the luxury of applying our minds. We have developed from naming places and things to defining thoughts and concepts like "enthnocentricism" and "cultural relativism." We identify and define a complete world outside our own. We fill libraries and hard-drives with overwhelming amounts of information that essentially only pertain to the metaphysical.

The world of thought is limitless.

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