Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Day of St. Valentine

February 14. An official Hallmark holiday. Thank you capitalism for keeping St. Valentine in business (and vice-versa I'm sure). According to our trusty Wikipedia reference, there used to be some religious significance to the celebration on February 14. It was in honor of either one or many martyred St. Valentines, but time has a way of changing things, I guess.

Although it is very possible capitalism is to blame for what the holiday has become, I do not believe we should embitter our souls against it. Yes, it may be "single awareness day" for some of us, but that isn't so bad either if we're honest with ourselves. Although, I can't say I love the day either. Valentine's day has been twisted to indulge the culture of consumerism. Capitalism sends the clear message: "Show loved ones your affections! Buy candy, cards, flowers...whatever they want! Just buy, buy, buy!"

However, at the root I think we mean well. I think we are trying to celebrate something more, I just wish we didn't have to buy things to express it. Buying cards is cheating if you ask me.

Even if it is just another way to suck more money from American consumers, as the hippies would say, love makes the world go around. So hell, we might as well make a day of it. For what it's worth, happy Valentine's Day.

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