Saturday, February 4, 2012


If the world could hear you speak, what would you say? What words of wisdom would you share with the human race? Would you even care to say anything? Is there anything worth saying at all? What power do words have, anyway? What power do your words have over somebody else's? Who are you to claim you have the right to speak? Who is anybody else to claim you don't? What are rights, anyway? How does the linear flow of justice even matter in this unjust world? Is there even such a thing as true justice? If there is, shouldn't we all be dead? Are we afraid of justice? Are we afraid to speak when the words we speak are hard to say, are followed by consequences? Are we afraid to put our actions where our mouth is? Our we afraid to do more than listen? Would we rather remain comfortably silent than challenged by our own words? Are we afraid to apply what we know to be right?

You mean nothing to the world. But the world means something to you. So for God's sake, speak.
Humanity does not care what you believe. But you care what humanity believes. So for God's sake, speak. Speak, because if you don't believe your voice matters, it won't.

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