Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Letters From Your Host (3)

I am attempting to do what C.S. Lewis did in "The Screwtape Letters", only I am going in the reverse, characterizing angels, not demons.

Our dearest company,

We are glad to know that you are doing well and that you have found our last letter helpful in your pursuits and understanding of this life.

In your next letter, we hope you might answer a question we have for you: what does it mean for the human body to allow the Son to dwell within it; the "accepting of Christ", as you call it? What does this entail? We can hardly imagine what this must be like. We humbly admit to our envy of such a privilege.

Still, we do not understand. We cannot makes sense of the fact that still you and your brothers falter, doubt, remain anxious, and self-reliant, as if Christ was not there at all. Is it easy to forget? We hope you can make this clear to us. We have heard that the world of a human soul is completely changed when Christ comes. It is to our understanding Christ becomes not a part of you, but you completely. Do you become less yourself, or is it not that you find yourself more fully? Is He truly in everything you see, every thought, every action, every mundane moment of your life? Or, is he just there sometimes? What is it like to have the God of the universe breathing through your lungs? Do you think of Him as separate from you, saying: "this is where God ends and I begin", or is He who you truly are? Is he your self? We know of the term "manifestation", are you combined or are you two separate entities living in one body? If there is separation, should there be? Are you not meant to be wholly unified? Who truly defines the soul, you or Him?

We confess to you, we have no hope of such intimacy with Him. Those of us who have fallen have fallen completely, forever. Much like you, we have a choice. We can chose to remain faithful, or we can chose our own way. Yet, you can fall, repent, and be forgiven. When we fall, there is not hope of forgiveness, there is no hope of redemption for our souls.

Although you might be frustrated with your fickle human heart, be thankful for the hope. There is always hope for you, no matter how many times you fail. Earnestly, we beg you, do not take that for granted. Accept it as the gift it truly is. So priceless, so completely invaluable and precious. We suspect you can never know the true worth of such a gift, not like we do. In your humanness you do not see it, you do not truly understand. We plead with you desperately, seize it! All is lost for you without it.

Wishing you the best always.

Your host

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