Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Letters from Your Host

I am attempting to do what C.S. Lewis did in "The Screwtape Letters" (I highly recommend this read), only I am going in the reverse, characterizing angels, not demons. Be your own critic, don't assume everything they say is true, it is merely a creative angle used for greater understanding. 

Our dear company,

We are glad to see that you are doing well externally and continue to remain in the fullness and vigor of your life.

However, we have taken note that you have been struggling lately in the matter of your purpose. You feel God is not close, you have no direction. Spiritually, we sense you are drying out.

We must confess we do not understand how you can be satisfied to think the way you do, worship the way you do, or live the way you do, and yet question the spiritual condition of your soul. We hope you can make this a bit more clear to us. Your prayers of late have been so disjointed, unfocused. We don't know what to make of them. To be perfectly honest, we are ashamed of them for you. Very ashamed.

It is apparent you want to go to heaven. This is good. It is not selfish to seek preservation of your own soul.

Yet, we wonder why you want to go to heaven. What is heaven to you? You would answer stoically: heaven is eternal glory, worshiping in the presence of the Creator. Still we wonder, why, going off of your approach to worship, would you want this?

You look forward to getting out of the Sunday morning service. In fact, some days you can hardly wait to leave. How then, can you possibly look forward to heaven? Is not this what worship is to you? Imagine eternal pew-sitting and song-singing. Imagine eternal Sunday morning.

We understand what your heaven truly is, it is much like our own (there is more than one heaven). Heaven is not so much like Sunday morning. You should be glad to know.

It might also surprise you to know, you already have heaven. Or, at least you should. The Kingdom of God is within you. Technically, you should be dead. Are you truly dead? We hope so. The Kingdom of God is now. This very moment. Heaven is upon you. But be mindful, lest you forget.

We will continue to write. We see quite evidently you need to be reminded of your deadness. As for your purpose? Seek to live for the Kingdom within you. Discover what worship means to you in everyday life. In folding laundry. In loving your husband. In work. In play. In rest. Because possibly genuine worship never existed on Sunday morning.

And as for God? He may not seem close. Not at all. How can he talk to you when you do not listen? How can you find Him when you aren't looking with everything in your being? He may not seem close, but he is there. Invariably.

We appreciate your thoughts, please, if you could be a little more specific next time this would be beneficial. We find that you are slightly distracted. Focus a little more, articulate more clearly, and perhaps a clearer answer will be provided. Thank you.

Most sincerely,

Your host


  1. i love your writing style :) so precise and yet your sentences all flow so well!

    1. Thank you Zia, I like your writing style too. I can hear your distinct voice through the way your write. It's colorful, I like that. :)

  2. This summer I read a little bit of 'The Screwtape Letters,' I enjoyed this reversal. Causes one to think. And as stated, remember.

    1. Goood! I think I will do a post like this at least once a week. :)