Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The God of Why

Science is the end of Christmas.
It's a set of full-grown teeth. Science
is the god of how. The mother
who forgot the way to hold a doll.
What child wonders how the quarter
landed underneath the pillow or how
the new bike fit down the chimney?

The god of how can never be the god
of why. Like why the child doesn't stop
to pick up the single feather lying
on the road anymore, or why she cares
more about her future than her old
puppy.Yet, time continues, the limbs
grow on the body, on the trees.

Now tell me why her teeth fall out, why
she sees only fabric sewn together,
a bit of stuffing and some eyes. Tell me
why, with her different set, she can still
see sunsets, still dream dreams of angels
and jumping in the ocean and walking
on the waves.



  1. D... you are so talented. Continue to let God's name be glorified through your gift. Holy cow, sister.