Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mundane into Magnificent

In reality, life can get devastatingly mundane. As adults, we get into routines. People are extremely busy. I have come to the conclusion that life will only be as interesting as you make it. If you're discouraged by how desperately uninspiring your life is, try to interest yourself in things that would previously bore you. Read a book. Learn to sew. Challenge yourself. Write something.

Children don't need a reason to be imaginative. Somehow, it comes natural to them. When we grow up, there is still a child in all of us. As children, we were not ashamed or embarrassed of our art work. We drew because we loved to. When I was a little girl, even before I knew how to spell very well, I would write stories. They were obscure and only I could follow them, but nevertheless, I loved writing. I documented my life in picture journals and drew all the time, everywhere. My imagination was limitless. Anything was possible. My stuffed animals came to life and experienced never-ending adventures.

As a child, we don't need a reason to make life fascinating. In that aspect, I never want to grow up. There is so much to learn and rediscover. Life is a great adventure. The world is your playground. Stop long enough to realize you're alive--you're not just existing.

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  1. Danae - I've saved all those journals and the amazing artwork in them!! They are truly amazing, I thought they showed astounding creativity at the time and now I am blessed to see it play out in your life as an adult!
    I love your comment on always learning and growing, and it's why your Grandpa can be 97 and still very interested in life and living to the fullest - including a visit to Disneyworld!