Friday, January 13, 2012

Is the purpose of creativity amusement and pleasure? Should it overflow from our spirit to bring us delight and elation? Or, is creativity something to be strained after. Is true creation found in those endless nights, early mornings, and long days--forcing, searching, crying, aching, at times tedious, even unfulfilling and defeating--until the work is done.

Until it is finished.

Perhaps it is both. Do we believe creativity should be a natural experience of expression and freedom? I do. Yet, it also depends on who you are creating for. Are you creating for your own pleasure? Then create whenever it pleases you, whenever you feel like it. There is value in that. However, to you who create for creation's sake: be willing to get uncomfortable. There are times when creation is difficult, and even worse, mundane. You must create when it does not please you, when you do not feel like investing the time. This is another aspect of genuine creativity. If you want to create from the deepest parts of the soul, you must break your own heart and pour the fragments out in your work. When you give away those vulnerable, buried chambers of your soul, you will reach the self of humankind.

Be effective. Search for a channel, a way to filter yourself to the world. Find it, my friend, whatever it is, and give it away. Creativity is meant to be shared.

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