Tuesday, January 31, 2012


"You may not always be good at running, but you can always love to run. If you have both, enjoy every moment. If you have neither find the love and the rest will not matter."
 - 5-28-11

This is the theme of my life right now. Running has been rough. I feel like I've hit a wall. I pray I'll be able to break through it when outdoor season comes around. I've decided the only thing I can do is be patient. I'm taking my vitamins, I'm getting enough sleep, I'm applying myself mentally, and I know I'm a better runner. I'm just in the growing-pains of my athletic career. My body is enduring greater amounts of stress at faster speeds than it has ever experienced before. I'll get through this. I have learned more about God and my relationship with him as a runner than I ever thought possible. Running is one way I love to worship. Yet, in all honesty, there is no glory in a race until it is finished. The race itself is pure suffering. Is this not the call of every Christian? To run with reckless abandon until we finish the course? I don't just run to run, I run with my whole heart, as if running for the Lord. I know this pleases him, no matter how fast I can go.

There are greater and more purposeful things to do with my life than run. But running has taught me that anything worth doing requires courage, stamina, and faith.

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