Saturday, January 21, 2012


Why do we tend to forget about our childhood? As adults, somehow the memories get pushed away to the furthest corners of our subconsciousness. Even as children, we cannot wait to grow older. The older the better. Perhaps we believed a lie. There is something uncanny about childhood. Children are no less human than adults, but they are a completely different kind of human. Things are so much more believable when you're young, there are so many more possibilities at your finger tips. Life is rich. People are trustworthy. They desire very little. Expect very little. Imagine. Dream. Absorb.

Childhood memories aught to be revisited. They explain a lot about who we have become. Even though childhood was a very vulnerable time in life, when the understanding of the world was very limited, personally, I felt more certain about my world as a child than I do today. Children have faith. They worry very little. Joy is found in the simple things. Flowers must picked. Strange dogs must petted. The homeless on the street aught to be given something. Hurt animals should be taken in. Surprises were followed by explicable joy. Birthdays were eagerly anticipated. There was little to be ashamed of. Almost anything was possible. Toys had souls. Pets could understand us. Storybooks were as good as real life. Blanket forts were fortresses. A walk down the street was a great adventure. Nobody was dumber, uglier, or just mediocre. People usually weren't compared to other people at all.

Valuable life lessons can be learned from the things we took for granted as children.

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