Monday, January 2, 2012

It's the start of a new year. At this time, people tend to set themselves up with commendable ambitions and goals as a new year symbolizes a new beginning. However, change, no matter how great or small, takes tremendous effort. As a human being, I want to experience that rewarding feeling of a job well done. I want to work for something and see the fruits of my labor. Yet, nothing is glorious about working towards a greater end. It is possible to experience brief moments of reward, but essentially, I believe one must be willing to endure the monotony of striving long after their goal was established, and be faithful even when no reward is in sight. The key to successful resolution-keeping is determining what the "big picture" ambitions are for the future, and then breaking these goals down into smaller goals in order to reach the ultimate destination.

MY Words of Wisdom: If you're not willing to commit to the little things, you'll find your goals unattainable.
Successful people are either very lucky or very hard working. If you're not lucky, you're screwed.

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